The Meaner Ex-Wife of Vigilante Freighters

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The doctor said my wound was healing. Intollerable weeks had passed since our last encounter with vigilante freighters….

The Meaner Ex-Wife of Vigilante Freighters is a non-linear story generator experiment using what I am calling a shuffle narrative (or maybe a Kuleshov Narrative). Each “storyblock” is a paragraph that is a self-contained random jumbler of pre-written sentences (and partial sentences) written with Ink.

The storyblock topics (about 17 of them?) are things like the current state of the starship, the captain’s inner monolog, the discovery of a star or planet, some crew drama, and ongoing conflicts with friends, enemies, and frenemies whose names cycle as the “novel” progresses (hence the title).

Each Chapter is a full repeat of all the storyblocks in a different order. There are 4 chapters to compare, which exausts the majority of the pre-written text. The storyblock order within each chapter is semi-arbitrary (I re-arranged them manually in my storyloop), but it’s not actually random. Topics are roughly grouped but there is no segue or bridge text to connect the topics intelligently.

While I was hoping for accidental flow, sometimes it works better than others. It’s an Exquisite Corpse style paragraph slicer-dicer that is hoping for a Kuleshov effect. It is NOT good writing, just some dramatic beats to toss in a novel generator.