Celso vs Big Kim

Remember that movie where an insane dictator becomes president and triggers the apocalypse…, then the mutants take over and battle in fabulous costumes while the dregs of humanity cheer them on…?

Well it all came true.

…and we meet at a toxic watering hole called DR!P in what use to be called Times Square.

XBOX KINECT Launch in Times Square

Microsoft launched the Kinect controller for XBOX with a live concert and flash mob at rush hour in Times Square. Holly Daggers was tapped to perform the onstage visuals for the 30-minute surprise show that stopped traffic with live performances by Ne-yo and Lady Sovereign while over 600 dancers performed in unison on three city blocks of white carpet. The game-inspired visuals and live-camera angles of the event also appeared on seven of Times Square’s giant screens, transforming the theater district into an enormous synchronized visual entertainment center.

Forward Motion Theater thanks Edirol Roland for the opportunity to use the V-440 HD Mixer.