Swirliens – The AlieNation at reVision

Swirliens (premiere) AlieNatioN & Wetcircuit & Eric Dunlap performance by Raquel Giberstein & Hector Perez choreography by Eric Dunlap costumes designed by Hector Perez live visuals by Wetcircuit music by Mixtress vs Chiano Presented at Re:Vision Tempera Libre, June 30, 2010 Produced by Forward Motion Theater forwardmotiontheater.org/tag/revision


This versatile work has been performed in traditional theater venues, dazzled guests at parties and events, and attracted crowds to store windows and installations. In this visual performance the dancer creates a lightshow with his body by breaking the beams of two lasers. Spaz plays along with DJ’s and musicians, expressing and challenging the music[…]

Spyral Garden

Spyral Garden is a futuristic human menagerie. Shiny figures bring the forms of flowers to life as motion mandalas, reflecting gradients of changing colors. The mirroring movement, rippling cascading canons, and solitary stillness embody the flower’s bloom. Integrated lighting from underneath is a reflection of the inner beauty and life that thrives within, attracting an[…]