EyeWash Parallax


Live bands and visuals!
Thursday, May 5th, 9:30pm – midnight
$5 at the door

218 Bowery St (Between Prince and Spring), NYC
(map below)

tonight’s audio and visual artists:

Planet Child and Zguby came together in the summer of 2008 and is a mixture of an electro-trance Dj meeting an Eastern European singer, combining live Dj-ing with visuals, adrenaline pumping beats, positive new age and tribal indigenous music. Involved in the conscious evolution of planet earth and recognizing themselves as being part of the indigo children generation, they decided to collaborate to create music that will trigger people into change. Mixing spoken words, live vocals, original music along with the best trends of dance music and rock guitar metallic sounds, they write songs about our times, our planet, extraterrestrials, indigo children, love and peace. Although at the beginning of their journey, they hope their vision and message will create a shift in the universal mentality and a new path for people to follow and raise their inner frequency.

Mikhail Torich, MFA in Media-Design, is an international music video director, photographer and visual artist. His over 10 year artistic work spans across Russia and Germany and into the United States. He played live video art sets for major international DJ’s, including European top-hitmaker “DADA” (UK), Swedish trance celebrity Soul Surfer, English artist “the Drill” and many more. He created live visuals on contemporary dance and jam events and shows including EyeWash and Re:Vision, produced by Forward Motion Theatre in NYC, “Share” audiovisual jams in Russia, Germany and USA and mainstream large-stage concerts featuring Vincent Vega (Germany) and many more. His interactive audiovisual show opened the First International Music Video Contest dedicated to Michel Gondry in 2008 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Live video mixes by Mikhail Torich include personal international documentary footage counterpointed by contemporary designs, live video strams and animation that focus on the edgy and scandalous socio-political themes. His main intention is to connect the essence that hides within and allow it to live forever on the video screen.

Eyelove Mixing freshly squeezed love in an elixir of epic beats, juicy analog synthesizers, and atmospheric guitars, California native electronic artist/producer Eric Larin, eyelove, creates a universe of infinite sonic possibilities.

outpt + paris are NYC based audio visual artists Mary Ann Benedetto and Paris Treantafeles. Expanding their work from live visuals performed across the United States and Europe, outpt + paris will be performing the second edition of their A/V project Drum and Space, which debuted at Eyewash in January 2011. Drum and Space is dirty breakbeats, analog synthesizers, mathematical melodies, robotic vocals, and synchronized visuals combined to tell the story of an interstellar explorer conquering space with her robot friend. Get ready for a party at light speed.

Goferboy creates sinuous, high-energy 8bit dance music with two Gameboy controllers and a mixing board. Goferboy comes from outerspace. He shows you what his music sounds like. You show him what your love feels like.

Wetcircuit is Holly Daggers, artist/producer and live-mix VJ. Her interactive installations have been presented at the MoMA and Chelsea Art Museum. She has performed concert visuals with Hillary Duff, Moby, Bustah Rhymes, and Kayvon Zand. As the onstage VJ for Microsoft’s XBOX KINECT launch in Times Square, her game-inspired visuals were featured on 7 jumbo screens while 600+ dancers performed syncopated game-moves in a flash mob concert.

Also a New York City film maker, VJ Pixalot‘s VJ style has been described as “narrative”. More specifically, he creates live “edits” of un-effected film content. Drawing on an archive of short clips taken from his own films, avant-garde and main-stream cinema, Pixalot creates new narratives, associations and visual/audio mash-ups in real time. Pixalot’s live music/vj/dj performances have taken him to Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil and Korea, playing everything from raves, small clubs and festivals to concert halls and international art festivals along side artists such as, Afrikaa Bambaata, DJ Goldie, DJ Spooky, DJ Markie and DJ Hype amongst others.

EyeWash is an event where VJs and Video artists perform live-mix video, present audio visual performances, and workshop video and interactive technology.

This program is supported, in part by
celebrating 50 years of building strong, creative communities
in New York State’s 62 counties.