Backscatter at ReVISION

Backscatter technology is used by the TSA – a division of Homeland Security – to perform random full-body scans of airline passengers. The scanners create “ionizing radiation”, X-rays powerful enough to strip molecules in the body of their electrons. Charged particles launch from the skin back into the scanner, producing a ghostly nude image that is literally created from the body itself. Fourth Amendment rights are forfeit when passengers consent to the search.

Wetcircuit (Holly Daggers) performed as the onstage VJ for Microsoft’s XBOX KINECT launch in November which featured her game-inspired visuals on 7 “jumbo” screens in Times Square and 600+ dancers in a flash mob concert. Her audience-interactive installations have been enjoyed at the Museum of Modern Art and Chelsea Art Museum. She performed concert visuals for Moby and was voted a Top 20 VJ by DJ Magazine (UK). Holly will be creating interactive dancer-poles for the next EYEWASH, Jan 27th at R-Bar.

music, interactive visuals, and physical performance by Wetcircuit (Holly Daggers)
premiere performance date January 14-15, 2011 at ReVision by Forward Motion Theater