The Graphic Novel

Wetcircuit is a digital graphic novel I’d conceived over a decade ago combining scheming robots, a femme fatale protagonist, and alternative physics inspired by the Electric Universe mythology. It has mutated and grown over the years. Character designed for 3D animation have been transferred to new software. Various half-attempts at screenplays and novels were started and abandoned. Notebooks were filled with…, well, notes.

I wish I could say I had a life change or glorious epiphany that made the story fall in to place, but it wasn’t like that. I bought writing software and became more organized, and I applied some New Hollywood structure to help my plot. I thought a lot about my characters’ motivations, and I separated their traits to individualize them. The story began to take shape, and I focused on the story I had to tell. It seemed original. Too offbeat to be a blockbuster. Ultimately I’m going to tell my story, not the story people have read already.

Around the same time I also switched to Unity3D as my graphics engine, which was an ego-destroying learning curve but after years my graphics are back to the quality I was getting from animation renderers. Unity3D also provided the opportunity to bridge the graphic novel with my career as a multi-media and interactive artist. I’ve always worked with non-traditional media and storytelling so it seemed a natural to want to explore what a hybrid animated comic could be.

Please join me as I push this puppy through the meat-grinder. I’m currently writing the scripts, and creating the characters and locations. I’ll be publishing tests of the motion-comic in webGL (hopefully it will be compatible with your browser), and blogging about what I’m doing along the way. I’m determined to make this story real.

Thank you.