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Thursday, April 26, 2012
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Thursday April 26
Pacha NYC & Massive present…

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Doors 10pm
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Pacha NYC
618 W.46th St.

Black Moon (La Lune Noir)

I’ve created a dedicated website for BLACK MOON

Black Moon (La Lune Noir) Act I
Monstah Black and Major Andres Scurlock

Thursday and Friday, September 15–16 at 8:00pm
280 Broadway, 2nd Floor (entrance on Chambers), New York, NY
Post-show discussion on 9/16 moderated by Matthew Morrison
FREE Preview: THUR September 8 at 12:15pm
DNA’s 2nd Floor Gallery, brief Q&A to follow
Tickets: $17 general, $12 DNA members, $14 students/seniors, $12 advance
Dance New Amsterdam

Black Moon (La Lune Noir)

A world premiere
Choreographer: Monstah Black
Dance Company: Motion Sickness (Artistic Director, Monstah Black)
Composer and Music Director: Major Andres Scurlock
Video Installation and Lighting Designer: Holly Daggers

“In “Black Moon (La Lune Noir),” at Dance New Amsterdam, the protagonist is a monstrous black creature, the glam-fabulous performer Monstah Black, who has refashioned the modernist landmark from the perspective of an African-American artist in a country led by a black President.”

Artist’s Description

Black Moon (La Lune Noir) is an interdisciplinary/multimedia cabaret operetta based on Arnold Schoenberg’s melodrama “Pierrot Lunaire,” rewritten from an African-American male perspective and musically re-imagined through popular genres such as Afrobeat and house, deconstructing classical and contemporary forms to infuse the work with emotional power. The work is an electric experience visually and sonically.

Dance New Amsterdam is supporting the development of Black Moon (La Lune Noir) through a 2011-12 residency. Black Moon (La Lune Noir) was funded, in part, through Meet The Composer’s MetLife Creative Connections program.

Artist Bios

Monstah Black studied choreography/performance at Virginia Commonwealth University receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and his motion picture debut playing the role of choreographer/dance instructor for a porn film starring Jeff Stryker. Following his undergraduate education, Black began choreographing for happenings in nightclubs, art galleries, black boxes and warehouses in Washington D.C. His ensemble, Bedrock Goes Kaboom, terrorized the nation’s capital with cross-dressing madness and ballistic/physical theater, leading to a role as choreographer for a music video for D.C.-based go-go band EU.

Receiving generous support from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities for his one man show The Acid Box Cabaret, Black toured along the East Coast. Following his one man show he began to create ensembles incorporating musicians and strippers, fusing rock and roll, funk and glam with the dance and visual art. Out of this came the site-specific, funk apocalyptic spectacle Delicious Hunger, Hunger Delicious, an opera featuring psycho burlesque and screaming shamans performed at The National Theater. Simultaneously, Black toured internationally with The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange and Maida Withers Dance Construction.

Relocating to New York, Black started building shows with music composition as the foundation. His work has been commissioned by Thelma Hill Performing Arts Center, Blackout Arts Collective, Muse Dance Theater, Rowan University Dancers, Edgeworks Dance Theater, Jane Franklin and Dancers, Topaz Arts, Dixon Place and Movement Research and Nicholas Leichter Dance (currently touring The Whizz). Monstah was a recipient of a Dance Theater Workshop Studio Residency where he debuted Motion Sickness (a dance company) alongside his band The Sonic Leroy.

He has received support from American Music Association’s Music For Dance and The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council for the creation of his show Submerged In Blue. Black works seasonally with Cabaret Cataplexy, a sexy variety show he co-produces with his glam partner Ashley Brockington and Queer Arts Impact. Coming soon is the release of The Blacks debut album recess, a music venture he fronts with his life partner Manchildblack Black. He holds a Masters in Fine Arts in New Media Art and Performance.

Major Andres Scurlock’s piano playing is both powerful and commanding with elements of true lyricism. Born in Washington D.C. and raised in New York City, Major has cultivated a personal sensibility as a pianist and composer that has set his work apart from others. He has proven himself as an accomplished pianist with both BM and MM degrees from the Juilliard School under the instruction of Jerome Lowenthal. He’s currently a member of Juilliard’s Music Advancement Program Piano Faculty where he’s been teaching for more than ten years. Scurlock’s additional studies include the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara and the International Piano Festival in Israel. He’s appeared in Piano Master Classes hosted by Leon Fleisher and Abbey Simon. Scurlock is also known for his abilities as a keyboard player, fulfilling his love for funk, soul and rock in the New York City club scene.

As a composer, Scurlock’s works have been performed nationally with great acclaim, and he has worked with various choreographers including Hope Boykin and Desmond Richardson. While attending Juilliard, he was awarded a full tuition scholarship from The Fabian Foundation and William Patscheck Piano Scholarship for both his degree studies in Piano Performance. He has appeared at The Blue Note, Alice Tully Hall, Merkin Hall, Aaron Davis Hall and The Juilliard’s Peter Jay Sharpe Theater. As a producer and curator, he has produced a series of concerts with several artists including Living Colour, Vijay Iyer, Imani Uzuri and Barry Harris. Scurlock has collaborated with various vocalists such as Marlon Saunders, Alvin Crawford, Monstah Black and the Sonic Leroy, and Martha Wash. Scurlock has strong belief in giving back to the community and has been highly active in New York City’s arts education scene. He has been awarded a New York Congressional Honor for his services in Arts Education. He is currently completing his operetta titled Black Moon to be performed at Dance New Amsterdam in New York where is a composer in residence.

Holly Daggers is a visual artist and live-mix VJ. She performed as the onstage VJ for Microsoft’s XBOX KINECT launch in Times Square which featured game-inspired visuals on seven jumbo screens and more than 600 dancers in a flash mob concert.

In 2003, Daggers founded the live-media performance series EyeWash, which has produced more than 200 audio-visual collaborations. Her audience-interactive installations have been presented at the Museum of Modern Art and Chelsea Art Museum in New York. She performed concert visuals for Moby and toured with diverse music acts ranging from The Roots to Page McConnell to Hillary Duff. Holly was voted a “Top 20 VJ” by DJ Magazine (UK) two years in a row.

Her current projects include VJ residencies at Pacha NYC and R Bar in Manhattan, and upcoming dance/theater collaborations include 3D hiphop with Decadancetheater in the New York Fringe Festival and Black Moon at Dance New Amsterdam, based on a Schoenberg opera with Monstah Black and Major Scurlock.

Holly is supported by Edirol/Roland, Korg and Reflecmedia. Her portfolio and other visual interests can be found at

Technology in the Theater: NYC Fringe Festival

Technology in the Theater: NYC Fringe Festival
Apple Store, Upper West Side
1981 Broadway New York City
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Learn More

FMT co-founder Holly Daggers will provide a demonstration of some of the 3D and interactive visual technology used in her collaboration with Decadancetheater for the 2011 New York International Fringe Festival.

The New York International Fringe Festival has been a staple in the multi-arts scene for fifteen years. At this event, join moderator Hy Bender and representatives from “Theater of the Arcade,” “When the Sky Breaks 3D,” “The Legend of Julie Taymor,” and “Technodoulia Dot Com” for a discussion about how they use Apple products and technology onstage and behind the scenes.

Decadancetheater with Wetcircuit
“When the Sky Breaks 3D”


BACKSCATTER – interactive visuals, music, performance by Wetcircuit (Holly Daggers). Premiered at ReVISION by Forward Motion Theater at The Tank January 14th, 2011

“Backscatter technology is used by the TSA – a division of Homeland Security – to perform random full-body scans of airline passengers. The scanners create “ionizing radiation”, X-rays powerful enough to strip molecules in the body of their electrons. Charged particles launch from the skin back into the scanner, producing a ghostly nude image that is literally created from body matter.

Fourth Amendment rights are forfeit when passengers consent to the search.”

Artist statement:

My performance piece BACKSCATTER premiered in NYC on January 14th 2011. My first in which I have done 100% of the creative work: music, visuals, interactive camera technology, and the stage performance itself.

The piece is intended to provoke some thought about the TSA’s use of X-ray radiation to produce body scans of airline passengers. While most of the public outcry about the backscatter technology (at least in the media) focused on whether passengers’ privacy could be assured in a digital age, I found some of the health risks to be more alarming.

Unlike photography where photons bounce harmlessly off skin into a cameralens, “backscatter” refers to a process where you are bombarded with enough radiation that your skin blast off its own electrons – in effect you are zapped with enough juice that your body “glows” – briefly, long enough to be seen by the scanner’s sensors. This is how the bodyscanners can see under your clothing. Your skin will glow, your electrons pass through your clothes, and any concealed denser objects are revealed as shadow.

The technology behind the performance includes a camera-based interactive program that translates the body into a 3D field of grids and vertices. The program controls two video projectors, one projecting geometric patterns onto the body, the other showing the dynamic results. The audio is procedurally generated within structured parameters to generate a new soundtrack every performance.

Direct link is here:

ReVision January 14-15, 2011

ReVision by Forward Motion Theater presented by The Tank

Date: Friday and Saturday, January 14-15, 2011
Time: 8PM, pre-show 7:30PM

The Tank
354 West 45th Street (bet. 8th & 9th Ave)
A/C/E to 42nd Street/Port Authority
Tickets: $15 advance, $18 at door
Purchase: BUY ONLINE or at the door

Six independent works by Performing Artists incorporating
Technology, Dance, Spoken Word, Costume, and Music

Blue Muse Dance
Kim Gibilisco Dances
Eric Dunlap
Jon Keith Brunelle
Mikhail Torich
Urban Wash Dance
DJ SphinX

Backscatter at ReVISION

Backscatter technology is used by the TSA – a division of Homeland Security – to perform random full-body scans of airline passengers. The scanners create “ionizing radiation”, X-rays powerful enough to strip molecules in the body of their electrons. Charged particles launch from the skin back into the scanner, producing a ghostly nude image that is literally created from the body itself. Fourth Amendment rights are forfeit when passengers consent to the search.

Wetcircuit (Holly Daggers) performed as the onstage VJ for Microsoft’s XBOX KINECT launch in November which featured her game-inspired visuals on 7 “jumbo” screens in Times Square and 600+ dancers in a flash mob concert. Her audience-interactive installations have been enjoyed at the Museum of Modern Art and Chelsea Art Museum. She performed concert visuals for Moby and was voted a Top 20 VJ by DJ Magazine (UK). Holly will be creating interactive dancer-poles for the next EYEWASH, Jan 27th at R-Bar.

music, interactive visuals, and physical performance by Wetcircuit (Holly Daggers)
premiere performance date January 14-15, 2011 at ReVision by Forward Motion Theater