Cutscene Artist

After looking around the web for a community that embraced filmmaking on game engines, I decided to create one…. Starting with a blog: for covering real-time cinema, interactive storytelling, VR, and the various possibilities of non-narrative art experiences.

wetcircuit: PLUS ULTRA

PLUS ULTRA is my 3D graphic novel. As this project evolves I will be posting project notes, character tests, and background information.


The invention of the cocktail “Earthquake” or Tremblement de Terre is attributed to Toulouse-Lautrec; a potent mixture containing half absinthe and half cognac (in a wine goblet, 3 parts Absinthe and 3 parts Cognac, sometimes served with ice cubes or shaken in a cocktail shaker … Continue readingPost-Impressionism

Three Heroic Types

Adventure – Fantasy – Science Fiction Adventure Hero coincidence, luck (good and bad), gambling, charisma, sybaritic: sex/gambling/imbibe criss-cross, random associations, extroverted, always now social/flirty, sexual Fantasy Hero purity: faith, bloodline, purpose fate/destiny, distant past introverted, (un)worthiness, training/discipline pedagog, asexual/bisexual Science Fiction Hero evolution: society/technology, philosophy/soul, … Continue readingThree Heroic Types