The invention of the cocktail “Earthquake” or Tremblement de Terre is attributed to Toulouse-Lautrec; a potent mixture containing half absinthe and half cognac (in a wine goblet, 3 parts Absinthe and 3 parts Cognac, sometimes served with ice cubes or shaken in a cocktail shaker filled with ice).


Three Heroic Types

Adventure – Fantasy – Science Fiction Adventure Hero coincidence, luck (good and bad), gambling, charisma, sybaritic: sex/gambling/imbibe criss-cross, random associations, extroverted, always now social/flirty, sexual Fantasy Hero purity: faith, bloodline, purpose fate/destiny, distant past introverted, (un)worthiness, training/discipline pedagog, asexual/bisexual Science Fiction Hero evolution: society/technology, philosophy/soul, body/mind, lifestyle, communal, faddish, nonsexual, childlike

Ayanami Rei, a staged dōjinshi

AYANAMI REI is a staged dōjinshi based on the 1986 Japanese tv series Neon Genesis Evangelion. In Japan, dōjinshi are a tolerated genre of self-published fan-fiction derived from popular manga and anime titles, but with freedom to explore unspoken (often implied) relationships and alternate storylines. Western equivalents (homage, parody, and bootlegs) are suppressed due to[…]