Ayanami Rei, a staged dōjinshi

AYANAMI REI is a staged dōjinshi based on the 1986 Japanese tv series Neon Genesis Evangelion. In Japan, dōjinshi are a tolerated genre of self-published fan-fiction derived from popular manga and anime titles, but with freedom to explore unspoken (often implied) relationships and alternate storylines. Western equivalents (homage, parody, and bootlegs) are suppressed due to fear of litigious publishers, but amateur dōjinshi can become a collectable commodity which increases the reputation of the original. Ironically, established authors and illustrators are now tapping the underground dōjinshi market to bypass the publishing industry.

Choreography by Eric Dunlap
Danced by Rebekah Kennedy
with original music and visual media from the TV series NEON GENESIS EVANGELION
remixed by Eric Dunlap and Holly Daggers